Toyota's Philosophy Of Safety

Toyota aims to design a car at a high level of safety for all passengers. Set back and the front seat of a car, Toyota, design, security problems remain the same for all. Car manufacturers to provide good service and good response to avoid accidents in the report, and considering all levels to care for a safer environment on the road. All the actions taken and technology, in order to reduce the impact of the incident, and the only goal, and the pursuit of excellence.

In order to ensure the maintenance of a very high level of vehicle safety, Toyota has its own philosophy of technology, including parking, active safety and passive safety of the down payment and rescue system.

The technology that supports features such as parking, this is mine sonar images, and includes intelligent parking system and monitor the directory again. This helps the driver when maneuvering, parking and visibility.
Then, to prevent accidents, active safety systems can help reduce the impact of the worst cases. It has been the adoption of modern technology by Toyota in the form of administrative control of dynamic stability of the car and vehicle integration. Both methods work for you warn the driver of any dangerous situation while driving easier for motorists to stay away from danger, and. Use the results of the three main features of the campaign, to help the driver and passenger safety, and then stop improving.

Pre-crash safety system, "Toyota", before another major innovation for innovation to predict collisions and face to face. This is to prevent the cause of the accident, and also helped limit the damage. Obstacles on the road when I saw that the system tells the driver via a warning buzzer, offers the possibility of collision. When a collision is inevitable that technology will reduce the speed of the shock helps to reduce damage.
Passive safety technologies, help reduce the impact of the accident or injury during surgery. Cars and electricity and are designed to absorb the impact of energy absorption by introducing the effects on or off the front body structure. Passive safety features, such as seat belts with different tensile strength, and protection of monuments and President of the hut high safety to reduce neck injuries, including airbags.

Toyota has also adopted a policy of rescue. At this stage, taken for the safety of passengers of the car unique. According to this procedure, the information will be sent in case of accident to automatically send emergency services. If the air bag deployment automatically detects the position of the car, and was also associated with power system for help. This reduces the severity of injury in fact, is to shorten the response time significantly.

All stages of vehicle safety, as well as philosophy and commitment to good policies, and Toyota has made an unprecedented level of safety car.