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Light commercial vehicle (LCV) is the maximum vehicle gross weight up to 3.5 tonnes (GVW), and commercial vehicles, and operators. Classified as commercial vehicles such as vans, trucks and vehicles - are not very large in the very small.
Built for commercial vehicles to transport large quantities of cargo over long distances, and the combination in the fields of highway construction and design is very practical. LCV manufacturer in cooperation with travel in mind that the experience (the city and national leadership) for the automotive industry economy.

LCV is a good and reliable with a powerful engine that enables quick and easy transport of goods, national, and combines high-quality outer shell. This incarnation was very fast, so there is still a lot of stuff with the administration, the Ford Transit will be used for holiday use as a tool for criminals. Environment that is more focused in recent years, due to a significant increase in the price of gasoline and diesel, and many manufacturers are trying to do a fuel for light commercial vehicles as possible.

But Ford is a manufacturer of light commercial vehicles are not only good, DAF, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Iveco will also make a very good way to help small businesses to transport goods. With this in mind, before making a purchase, please confirm to consider a different model specifications. More importantly, before they worry about the extra features that you may have a car that meets the requirements is the existence of space and weight.

Truck or car, whether you can use a brand new LCV pick-ups are often found on the Internet. Local dealer has a seller, and trucks online auctions, and occurs in the form of advertising is not available on the website.

For most of my life and I realized Brent Compton, has been specializing in the field of transportation. This led to the creation of the world to track my auctions. We follow the auction in the world in providing all types of commercial truck fleet of steam rollers, has a global network of car dealers.