Mercedes-Benz C230 Reliable

Mercedes-Benz C230 is a solid-owned luxury car division of Daimler Benz AG. Class Sedan - C320 is one of the small size of the executive version of the Mercedes-Benz C-series. Introduced in 1997 the car was produced as a utility vehicle in 2000 and 1999. C Class C320 Version - This is a very reliable, with some electrical problems.
Model 1997: In some cases, the indicator lights C320 European Commission in the period since 1997, causing problems with cooling and air conditioning. It can be easily repaired by replacing the refrigerant pressure sensor.

1998 Group: circa 1998, which is equipped with a category C - models like the C320, and car batteries HOPPECKE popular accessory manufacturers. Then, these cells are causing major problems in the car. You can schedule smaller than what you need to maintain proper levels of maintenance items that require this power to the battery. Now increase the growth of the hole and increase the likelihood of damage flashing battery, low battery levels of rainfall during the electricity. Dealers and manufacturers to replace the battery under the call. They also determine the time of the battery compartment so, please remember to keep.
1999 Model: 1999 C320 series, suffered from problems associated with the same battery model 1998. This problem requires immediate replacement of the batteries and the proper allocation table.

2000 Group: Fortunately, the model C320, in 2000, has not been a major flaw.

Always have some problems with the air mass flow sensor in the Mercedes C320 model. This bright "check engine" in the car the other problems associated with its implementation in light of the problems and causes. In addition, the variation due to winter conditions is almost empty and cold. In such cases, the exchange of air mass flow sensor.

Final conclusion:

We can draw conclusions from the data to the above, a series of models produced by Mercedes-Benz C-Class is that it requires the cost of maintenance mode. However, to avoid this problem, and often. Because they have a lower resale value compared to other models, class C, can be purchased at relatively low cost. Exercise may seem to love Kompresser people is a very elegant model. If you buy the C230, before closing the best deal, please just check the Carfax report.