New Chevrolet

Sonic 2012 Chevrolet, Honda Fit, Mazda 2 small car to compete with the Toyota Yaris, and vice versa, such as Nissan. Chevrolet new car design is a stylish new Chevrolet and as given for the four-door sedan or five-door hatchback models. Have been detected during the Auto Show in Detroit Chevy in 2011.

Chevrolet 2012, when it comes to sound quality and smaller family size in the car moves one step further. Sonic, along with a power sunroof are available in two models, has designed 17-inch, with heated front seats.
Sonic Chevrolet in the U.S. market is the "Big Brother", you can have the same engine Chevrolet Cruz. This is a brand new Chevrolet means to be equipped with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder 6-speed manual or five-speed automatic. This engine produces 123 pounds-ft of torque and 135 horsepower. An additional feature, the American version of Sonic is available in Chevrolet 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This engine develops 148 horsepower and 138 foot-pounds of torque around. Turbocharged engine and six-speed manual transmission is available only to prepare for an extraordinary adventure.
Of course, equipped with a powerful engine and good suspension. Taking the Chevrolet Corvette and the new, and comes with a rear torsion beam semi-wishbone front McPherson expression. 17-inch wheels, even in more difficult conditions and the driver is an appropriate framework to assist in the process of the car.

With respect to internal staff is brand new Chevrolet, said rear seat space and cargo space than other cars similar markets. Fitted in the dashboard, and ratify, you can choose a color palette of exterior paint colors, and all the effects available. In addition, Sonic the 2012 Chevrolet in for more comfort and function. For this purpose I use some elements inspired by measuring the mass, and tachometer motorcycle with a representative. Digital equipment, along with other information required for each driver, fuel level, and displays the current speed.
Complement components that do not suffer from a lack of new Chevrolet convertible or "perfect game." Yes, Sonic, along with XM satellite radio, USB port, assistance has been processing the audio input jack with a Bluetooth wireless hands-free. In addition, turn-by-turn "navigation system and OnStar are also used in an impressive sonic Chevrolet in 2012.

Safety is the highest level for a new Chevrolet. It is compulsory for all cars you want to be a real leader on the market today. Row seats, front and rear seats, dual front air bag curtain side airbags and side air bags installed two dual air bags front seat of the knee: the result, and will be equipped with 10 vehicles with air bags in addition, the car rear drum brakes with ABS , and assist braking system and electronic distribution of brake force and service "will be equipped with automatic crash response, and if the announcement by the authorities, the interesting features of the technological wonders of information technology systems in the event that an accident is an active OnStar subscription.
Sonic Chevrolet, the pattern of the reason, we hope to become a leader in its class performance and value. Because of the potential loss of prestige and great small car Chevrolet Sonic 2012, and competitors have no choice. Of course: Chevrolet Sonic be the perfect choice for many buyers!