How to Apply Car iLashes

Before you do anything else, I suggest you read the beginning to the end

Step 1: Cut and Curl
IL ash measuring tape for each lamp. Using kitchen scissors, trim the excess from the edges iLash respectively. iLashes, for an individual bottle or something like that to achieve the effect of hair spray and roll sores. Another option is to curl the ribbon iLashes gifts like pens and the pressure is to curl the thumb and iLashes to apply the curl.

Step 2: iLashes stick
Lamps will give a paper towel and dry fast enough you. ILash remove support for the first adhesive tape carefully.
Step 3: Apply iLash sector
Applied to the outer corner of the lamp, use and press firmly with your fingers iLash place. In an effort to avoid lumps, smooth ILash rest of the press in place.

Step 4: Complete the look
ILashes mascara does not need to say it all ...

Flashing the trick:)

If you want to know how to apply false eyelashes and / or
Step 1: Cut back
The meter is your eye lashes. Using a small straight-edge scissors, trim the excess from the outer edge.

Step 2: How they stick, Get
Apply a very thin line of adhesive tape with caution. Glue dry before proceeding to the next step, "sticky" can begin to be.

Step 3: Apply the whip line
Using tweezers or your fingers, press the fake eyelashes on his own calm. Applied to the outer corner of the eye first. Glue stick, holding it in place.

Step 4: Complete the look
Use eye shadow and liner to combine their own false eyelashes. Finish with a layer of mascara

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