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luxurious villa in Mallorca by Julia Palmer

luxurious villa in Mallorca by Julia Palmer
luxurious villa in Mallorca by Julia Palmer
Julia Palmer was design a luxurious villa in Mallorca. This villa in 1350 square meter areas including gardens, and offers beautiful view of the bay. The architects design this villa with elegant and luxury accents of colors reflecting the artwork & furniture as well as the colors of the Mediterranean to create a calm, elegant tranquil environment for a family to relax and enjoy. To get more information please visit Julia Palmer website.

Interior fashion : Bubble Sofa in luxury home furnishings

On the contrary, designers over at Versace have also been expressing their interest in luxury home furnishings. Their home line of Italian fashion delivers a new line of fashion and style with the Bubble Sofa. The sofa design is a unique approach to luxury furnishing and is available in two styles; white and clean or colorful and versatile. Each one delivers a bold spirit of individual interior fashion that is certain to give any room a fresh new attitude.

Interior fashion : Bubble Sofa in luxury home furnishings

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand
Villa Amanzi celebrates a most unique contrasting experience of solidarity and openness. Architects Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung and Jamie Jamieson of Original Vision Ltd realized this open and playful design on the extremely diverse landscape and terrain high above the Andaman Sea located at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand.
The 2,644 sqm design dutifully integrates notions of interior and exterior in the public and private realms by giving constant reference to the towering stone peaks and dramatic views of this wondrous site. The dynamic use of cantilevered features explore characteristics of spatial separation and identification inherent in the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, most notably Falling Water. The design also pays homage Mies Van deer Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion as the terraces afford fine views that guide users through uninterrupted spans and transitory spaces where notions of indoor and outdoor are abandoned. The cantilevered swimming pool is the heart of the design.

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Ltd at Kamala Beach in Phutek, Thailand

New Subaru Forester 2011

Subaru Forester Boxer engine with the configuration, and the driving 4WD
Symmetrical All Wheel Drive is more stable when asked to maneuver.

There are 2 options automatic transmission and sport (manual). To our D is very responsive engine performance. Turbo technology plays when stepping on the engine turns at 2000 rpm. Gearshift was smooth from 1 to the upper teeth. There are 4 speed automatic.

If you slide the lever to the right you can raise or lower the gear by moving the lever to position + or -. There are 4 speed, which you definitely can feel the machine working more responsive. And for the suspension, front and rear suspension character capable of reducing uneven and cobblestone streets.

To the front, MacPherson strut Subaru Forester uses that have been adapted to the rally field. Conditions that allow Forester run on tracks rocks and sand. Meanwhile, to use a double wishbone rear suspension.

The technology makes the car feel comfortable. Moreover chassis Forester
using typical chassis Subaru for Rally. Remarkably technology on AWD cars do not seem able to make giddy.

For security, features such as ABS, EBD has become a common feature for Subaru cars, and there is also a pedestrian protection. Plus Dynamics Control System technology that support the Forester's AWD technology.

Both technologies work extremely effectively when a car driving in
winding road. The car was easily passing the road. Pinned to the inside also features 4 point seatbelt and SRS airbags that protect the driver and passengers with a maximum.

What about fuel consumption. Peered into the instrument panel, fuel consumption is very reasonable Subaru Forester with the technology embedded in the engine. The average fuel consumption for which we have reached 1:8.

New Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 specifications

Engine : 16 Valve VVT EP6CDT turbocharger
Capacity : 1598 cc
Maximum Power : 156PS at 5800 rpm
Safety features: 6 airbags point, EBS, EBD, EBA and ESP
Peak torque : 240 Nm at 1400 rpm
Transmission :6-speed
Fuel Consumption: 1:8,8 (outside city)

Not for long, let us review a car bearing the Lions are coming from Europe. In terms of design, no doubt, Peugeot 3008 does contain elements that suggest stylish Peugeot 3008 is the birth of Europe. This car presents different shades when seen from front, side and rear.

Grille design that opened wide, like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. But it only serves to smooth the wind into the machine cabin. Enhanced grille design with black accents. From the front, such as not using a car bumper. But still solid.

If viewed from the side, impressed Peugeot 3008 round. Cars like holding something in her ass. While from behind, you're not going to think that 3008 is the crossover. But again it was only European style.

Entered the passenger cabin, eyes wide to the front. Areas to watch out for any black spots well. Opinion that since the adoption of wide-open windshield. You like standing in front of the inside of a city bus.

Meanwhile, there is a divider in the middle or called console. It turned out that in addition to the slick design also functioned as a cool box. Just open the lid, you can keep the beverage to remain fresh.

Interior Peugeot 3008 were myriad. Just look, from the CD, Audio Aux ins and other compartments to pamper users. Entertainment features that you can operate via a lever located behind the steering wheel to the right.

In addition there are cruise control located on the left side of the wheel. From behind the wheel, you can also adjust the speedometer lights. And rear passengers do not have to worry about overheating.

Peugeot has set an additional blower is placed in the center console. Baggage can be arranged as congenital. Could be 50 liters, 100 liters to 150 liters.

Even twisted the ignition key to On. Engine capacity of 1598 cc 16 Valve VVT EP6CDT turbocharger capable of producing power 156PS at 5800 rpm and torque of 20nm at 1400 rpm sounds fine.

In the center console, you can customize the i-drive option. There are D, F with the shift stick shift forward and back ("+" and "-") with 6 speed.

And S for you who want to experience a more responsive engine. There is also a snow mode choice. To run, you simply step on the brake and put the lever in D. After that gas alone without the need to release the hand brake. Because of a computer to read if the machine requires energy to the road. Easy is not it?

The engine is very responsive unlike crossover machine classmates from Japan. When asked to racing, Peugeot quite steady. Up to speed 170 km / h, Peugeot 3008 remain on track.

For safety features, Peugeot applied ABS, EBD, EBA, ESP and 6 airbags in the passenger cabin.

Character suspension is a little hard but the car still does not remove the strange symptoms. However, unfortunately when asked to maneuver to the left and right of the car is a little heavy.

And one of the highlights of Peugeot 3008, when looking at the indicator panel gasoline, Peugeot average drink 1 liter of petrol for a distance of 8.8 kilometers.