Mercedes-Benz to Build BMW X6 Rival

Things at Mercedes-Benz seem to be moving fast. Just this past weekend, the German automaker launched its C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, while a few days ago we reported on the firm's plans to invest $2 billion in its US factoryto build the next generation of the C-Class.

However, Mercedes has even bigger plans for the Tuscaloosa plant. According to Autonews Europe, sources within the company revealed that it aims to add a fifth model (after the M-, R-, GL- and C-Class) to its Alabama factory production line in 2015.
This model, currently code-named C166, will be based on the M-Class SUV but will feature a more dramatic styling with a coupe-like roofline. Its rival is obvious: the BMW X6.
In 2010, the Bavarians sold 46,404 units of the X6 and 102,178 of its more conventional SUV, the X5, both of which are manufactured in the US. Therefore, it is only logical for Mercedes-Benz to want a piece of the cake that BMW is currently enjoying on its own.

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