Latest Toyota Vitz: the Most Efficient Car in Japan

Latest Products Toyota Vitz (Yaris named in some countries), which is marketed in Japan with a 1.3 liter gasoline engine and a stationary Stop & Start system, claimed to earn title of "Most Efficient Cars in Japan." It was announced today by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

TMC also announced that the new Vitz which will be launched in Japan by the end of this year has a comparison of fuel consumption of 26.5 km per liter in 10-15 cycle test method of Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT).

Fuel consumption of new Vitz said 25 percent better than the national standard of Japan, which is 21.8 km / liter. Meanwhile, CO2 emissions car is only 88 grams / km with test method MLIT and 106 g / km with JC08 test.

NOx and hydrocarbon emissions are also 75 percent lower than 2005 standards set by the MLIT. The announcement of these emissions are used by the Japanese Government to determine the tax for environmentally friendly vehicles. In this case, Vitz obtained a 75 percent tax reduction for heavy and acquisitions and 50 percent for car tax.