10 Interesting Facts About Rolls-Royce

New York, Paris, London, they are used for services, and the rich and famous drivers, love them. 3 Rolls-Royce brand synonymous with luxury and prestige, and sometimes one of their vehicles, can not help but think that the quality of the link.
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1. As you know, Rolls - Royce Corporation, you will need to be written with a hyphen in the middle to reflect the title founder of both the time?

2. Charles Rolls and Henry over a hundred years ago and founded in 1906. Do not shoot any way other "Charles Rolls and Henry.

3. Six more than 10 Rolls-Royce will be sold than ever before are still roadworthy. Perth's oldest street, 10 hp 1904 owned by Thomas Love Jr. of Scotland, and still is.

4. One Rolls-Royce is the first development is the Rolls-Royce stand 10-10 horsepower. Sale £ 395.00 in 1904, of up to £ 32,000, and only 16 made.

5. Car manufacturers, the purpose and mission of the company's founder, is to provide an alternative means of transport concrete and horse carriages. The company also created when the first horse and carriage is the main medium of transportation.

6. 6000 Rolls Royce Silver has made the most popular car models from the specter of the spirit of peace no doubt be marked with the name of the machine. Success Springfield Close, to open a second factory in Massachusetts, has led the Silver Ghost Rolls Royce, 10 years later people in the United States prefer a British car.

7. Rolls-Royce R engine, air is the machine just to get the speed record on land and water.

8. Logo, the famous Charles Sykes Rolls - Royce company designed, "Spirit of Ecstasy" into two parts, known as the looks are not the same. Lois Henry thought, I like the way to destroy the car line.

09. He was paralyzed after a car maker company through the RB211 jet engine development was closed in 1971, the famous car manufacturer in practice. They like Vickers and Volkswagen and BMW, when they were transferred from various other companies, the company re-production of their vehicles.

10. To this day, the famous automotive industry has a BMW is still strong, and the car was shipped around the world. In 2009, P Diddy, Simon Cowell and David Beckham to name a few, including, selling the rich and famous ghost 1212. Can be attributed to the mass market for companies around the world for weddings and luxury hire car drivers to buy. You can find them in many cities around the world, London and can offer many services Sun £ 1200 Rolls-Royce Phantom for rent driver.